Optical Metrology Research Group  (FA1)

The Optical Metrology Research Group in the University of Vigo was founded in 1984, it is part of the Laser Applications Research Group and has its headquarters at the University Campus site of the Escuela de Ingeniería Industrial (School of Engineering) in Vigo.

Our general subject of interest is the development and application of optical technologies to solve measurement and inspection problems.


José L. Fernández (group leader)   
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Benito V. Dorrío   
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Ángel F. Doval   
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J. Carlos López-Vázquez   
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Cristina Trillo   
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Please follow the links to the personal pages of the group members above to find detailed information about our research lines.

The accepted manuscripts of some of our publications can be downloaded from the open access repository of the University of Vigo. Click here for a full listing of available titles.

(This new page is currently in construction, the old web page of the Optical Metrology Research Group is still available and can be reached by following this link)

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